The Mimic Octopus


  • Blanka Balyi Clever International School
  • Krystyna Fushtey Clever International School
  • Nela Marinović Clever International School



Octopus, Sea species, Disguise, Mimic


Thaumoctopus mimicus is the scientific name of the Mimic octopus. The Mimic octopus is best known for being a mimic. It is a species of octopus from the tropical southwestern Pacific Ocean. Like other octopuses, it utilizes its chromatophores to camouflage itself with its background. Also, it is noteworthy for being able to mimic a wide range of other marine animals. It imitates other sea creatures, from flatfishes to sea snakes to anemones. It can also match its color scheme to those creatures. Mimics are also subterranean experts. They can dig burrows, navigate underground tunnels, and even blindly stick their arms into holes in search of snacks. Unlike the stereotypical octopus, which likes reefs with many crevices and holes to hide in, the Mimic octopus prefers the muddy areas of river mouths and estuaries. Because of its fantastic ability to change color and behavior and quickly burrow into soft sediment, the Mimic octopus doesn’t need to rely on structures to hide in. This makes wide-open, silty ocean floors a perfect habitat for them.



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Balyi, B., Fushtey, K., & Marinović, N. (2024). The Mimic Octopus. AIDASCO Reviews, 2(1), 17–21.



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