Entrepreneurship and COVID-19

Nikola Savanović

Owner of employment agency and retail stores

– published as website article, to be included in Volume 1, Issue 1 of the AIDASCO Reviews as short article –

In this text, I am writing to you as a young entrepreneur who faced the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences in the business sphere. I own an employment agency and retail stores, employing many workers. By itself, these jobs are a big responsibility and concern. When you add to all that the pandemic with all its difficulties and measures by the state to prevent the spread of infection, you get an unenviable business environment in which you have to remain focused and persistent, not to mention perseverance and optimism.

All measures and restrictions have significantly affected business in both spheres that I deal with, starting from the inability of people to get a new job to the dismissal of workers in the hospitality industry, the reduction of financial resources, and the infection itself, which has affected all of us. I will not write about earnings, the epilogue is clear.Even after the end of the state of emergency, the consequences remained and even continued, many things on the business front have changed and will never be the same. I try to forget about the pandemic, turn over a new page, and move forward without looking back.

The message is for everyone, adapt yourself to new conditions, be persistent and keep your optimism.

Nikola Savanović