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Use this page to learn about the services we offer, and how we could work together


To help you decide whether we could work together, we will first give our best to define our niche and aims. With this project, we aim to contribute to science and business communication. We aim to generate a network of individuals interested in science, technology, business, management, and entrepreneurship (experts or individuals at the start of their careers), that would raise awareness of the general public about important topics. 

We also aim to contribute to building portfolios of young researchers or entrepreneurs and help them gain visibility online. Particular attention will be made to communicating about vital topics for humanity, such as:

  • gender and racial equality
  • environmental protection and green energy sources
  • (self)sustainable economy and industry
  • socially responsible companies
  • inclusion in science and business
  • connecting between academy and industry


If you are interested in advertising on our website and through our presentations on social networks, we believe it is important to mention that our members are primarily involved in academic research in diverse scientific areas. By analyzing the website attendance, we concluded that the visitors to our website are interested in science, technology and business management. 


We have great experience in publication activities, especially when it comes to scientific articles in journals with impact factors. We are therefore able to offer publishing services at practically all relevant levels. Here are some examples where our experience might be useful: 

  • Language Editing and manuscript formatting
  • Visualization support
  • Literature survey
  • Presentations
  • Data analysis
  • Event organizations
  • Scientific metrics
  • Candidate ranking
  • Curriculum building
  • Web design
  • Setting up manuscript submission system
  • Remote learning
  • etc

Of course, if you have ideas for collaboration, and if you have a vision of how publishing activities of AIDASCO might be useful for you, feel free to contact us at