ABOUT This Project

Our Mission

The mission of AIDASCO Publishing is to build a unique multidisciplinary publishing platform to serve the needs of both scientists and the general public. We will give our best to provide relevant information clearly and understandably and contribute to raising awareness about essential topics.

We have recognized challenges in front of people without demonstrated history in publishing activities to make their first steps in academic and scientific activities. Therefore, our Association has started with publishing activities to help young people build their portfolios through scientific communication.

We also aim to contribute to building portfolios of young researchers or entrepreneurs and help them gain visibility online. Particular attention will be made to communicating about vital topics for humanity, such as:

  • gender and racial equality
  • environmental protection and green energy sources
  • (self)sustainable economy and industry
  • socially responsible companies
  • inclusion in science and business
  • connecting between academy and industry

What do we offer

This project is about generating the possibility to communicate your research, ideas, opinions, and thoughts by publishing your works in one of our peer-reviewed periodical or monograph publications. We have established a journal named “ADIASCO Reviews” to enable publications in the form of articles. We also enable you to publish books, textbooks or abstracts in one of our monograph editions.

People behind AIDASCO Publishing have significant experience teaching at all levels, research publication, science communication, promoting young individuals and creating unique student opportunities. With our members’ help, we focus on early-stage career individuals to provide them a chance to gain visibility through our publishing platform.