An Empirical Study of GRIT w.r.t, Higher Secondary Student


  • Parul Sharda Indore Management Institute, Indore
  • Sanjeet Singh Tuteja Shishukunj International School, Indore
  • Ahlad Modi Shishukunj International School, Indore



Perceptions, Career, GRIT, Goals


Students of teen age have different perceptions towards their career. GRIT means consistency and focus to achieve their goals in spite of hurdles. To find how much current generation is aware and keen for their future GRIT has been studied. In this study we focused on higher secondary students of age 16 to 18, to find out their perceptions towards career and life satisfaction. What is the role of GRIT in achieving their aims in career?  The research is based on primary data collected through a structured questionnaire from the students of class XI and XII. This study is to analyze the behavior of students towards their walks of life and design.  To test the hypothesis, Normality, Reliability, Independent t-test and ANOVA were use on the data collected with the questionnaire.      



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Sharda, P., Singh Tuteja, S., & Modi, A. (2023). An Empirical Study of GRIT w.r.t, Higher Secondary Student. AIDASCO Reviews, 1(2), 59–68.



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